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Seminar Week
Seminar Week
MAS Architecture and Digital Fabrication
Spatial Extrusions 2
Spatial Extrusions
Graded Structures 2
Graded Structures
Spatial Wire Cutting
Extruded Structures
Remote Material Deposition Installation
Remote Material Deposition
Depth Modulations 2
Design of Robotic Fabricated High Rises 2
Depth Modulations
Complex Timber Structures 2
Complex Timber Structures 1
Shifted Frames 2
Design of Robotic Fabricated High Rises 1
Shifted Frames 1
Spatial Aggregations 2
Spatial Aggregations 1
The Fragile Structure 2
The Fragile Structure 1
Procedural Landscapes 2
Procedural Landscapes 1
Seminar Week
The Interlocking 2
The Interlocking 1
The Sequential Structure 2
The Sequential Structure 1
The Programmed Column 2
The Programmed Column 1
Open Air Theater
Voxels 2
Voxels 1
The Opening 2
The Opening 1
The Sequential Wall 2
The Sequential Wall 1
The Foam
The Resolution Wall
Construction Hoarding
The Dissolved Wall
Domoterra Lounge
The Perforated Wall 2
The Perforated Wall 1
The Programmed Wall
The Oblique Hole
Master of Advanced Studies
Embedded into the framework of the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication, the Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Architecture and Digital Fabrication teaches fundamental methods and technologies of digital design and fabrication and their expressed 1:1 implementation in architecture and construction. The MAS Digital Fabrication is a one-year full-time programme and is structured as a series of interdisciplinary teaching modules with an independent master thesis. For more information: Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Architecture and Digital Fabrication

Elective Course and Elective Thesis
In addition, we offer one elective course each semester on a selected topic in the field of digital fabrication. Students learn to integrate computation and automated construction, and to realise their designs through advanced robotic machines. Subsequently, we hold a four-week elective thesis, in which we implement the elaborated concepts at full architectural scale.

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