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Acoustic Diffusor Panels, Immersive Design Lab, ETH Zurich, 2020-2021
This project focuses on the design of acoustically performative wall panels with spatial and sound-aesthetic properties while taking the fabrication process into account. Based on the Immersive Design Lab’s high acoustic requirements, the panels have been developed by Gramazio Kohler Research in collaboration with research and development partners Rocket Science AG, Strauss Elektroakustik GmbH, and the company Aectual as fabrication partner.

Gramazio Kohler Research developed a computational design system that enables the generation of variable geometric patterns for doubly-curved, undulated panel surfaces optimized for diffusion and fabricability. In addition, this design system integrates a coarse acoustic assessment method that is used to quickly analyze the surface’s acoustic performance.

For the lab design, it was necessary to identify the combination of parameters that would generate a specific surface structure, which fulfills both aesthetic and acoustic requirements: We manually adjusted the geometry generation parameters under the observation of the FFT analysis results until a selection of sixs satisfying design variations was found. For an in-depth acoustic evaluation, the six designs were subsequently 3D-printed with a sand printer on a scale of 1:10 and tested with an acoustic robotic measurement process developed within the DDAD research project.

Based on these results, the best acoustically performative surface design was chosen to generate 29 bespoke acoustic diffuser panels for the IDL. While adjusting the panels’ surface geometry, the mounting, as well as the fabrication with the robotic 3D contour printing process, were taken into account. In a final step, Aectual developed the panels’ support structure guaranteeing additional stiffness and fabricated the end product.

As a result of this successful partnership, Aectual is launching mass-customizable acoustic diffusion panels that are 3D printed on-demand.

Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich

In cooperation with: Beat Jaeggli, ETH Real Estate Management
Collaborators: Dr. Romana Rust (project lead), Christoph Junk, Achilleas Xydis
Selected experts: Christian Frick and Nino Blumer (RocketScience AG), Jürgen Strauss (Strauss Elektroakustik GmbH), Jelle Feringa and Sven de Haan (Aectual)

Selected contractors: Aectual

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