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E-Book: The Robotic Touch – How Robots Change Architecture
When "The Robotic Touch" was first published in 2014 by Park Books, it marked a pioneering exploration into the realm of digital architecture. Whether you're an architect, a technology enthusiast, or simply intrigued by our endeavors, the book serves as a gateway to comprehending the profound impact robotics has on shaping our built environment. Originally released as a hardcover book and now out of print, we have made a freely accessible E-book version. Our aim is to make the wealth of knowledge within "The Robotic Touch" available to everyone. Download the E-book here.

How To Build A House
Benjamin Dillenburger, Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler, Hannes Mayer, Zurich: ETH Zurich, 2020.
Digital technologies promise to fundamentally alter today’s approach to architecture and construction. How to Build a House presents the far-reaching transformations affecting the way we build and the social, economic, and ecological logic of how we make things. Bestellen Sie Ihre Kopie bei (12 CHF/EUR, exl. Versandkosten)

AD Made by Robots. Challenging Architecture at a Larger Scale.
Special Issue of AD, guest-edited by Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler. Contributors: Thomas Bock, Jelle Feringa, Philippe Morel, Neri Oxman, Antoine Picon and François Roche. ETH Zurich contributors: Michael Budig, Norman Hack, Willi Lauer, Jason Lim and Raffael Petrovic (Future Cities Laboratory), Volker Helm, Silke Langenberg and Jan Willmann. Featured entrepreneurs: Greyshed, Machineous, Odico Formwork Robotics, RoboFold and ROB Technologies.

FABRICATE: Negotiating Design and Making
gta Publishers.
This publication complements the FABRICATE 2014 International Conference. It features the works of all our selected speakers as well as a further selection of 16 projects from the peer reviewed call for works. The publication also includes interviews between the keynote speakers of FABRICATE 2011 and 2014.

The Robotic Touch – How Robots Change Architecture
Park Books.
„The Robotic Touch – How Robots Change Architecture“ introduces a radically new way of thinking about and materialising architecture. It is the first anthology on architectural design with robots and provides a selection of projects that have originated over almost a decade of research at ETH Zurich. Within that scope, the book not only outlines a digital building culture to come, it deliberately proposes that this culture be shaped by architects. The book is now out of print. Nevertheless, we have made a freely accessible E-book out of it. Download the E-book here.

Flight Assembled Architecture
Editions Hyx.
The book Flight Assembled Architecture is an in-depth catalogue of the exhibition project of the same name which was developed by Gramazio & Kohler and Raffaello D’Andrea and showed at the Fonds régional d'art contemporain (Frac) Centre in Orléans, France. It presents a close exploration of the particular, and fascinating, positions of the authors and their research on architecture, system design and autonomous robotic technologies. In this, the book reveals a detailed insight into the realization of this spectacular exhibition and further equips the reader with a historical contextualization of the project.

Media - Media
Digital Materiality in Architecture
Lars Müller Publishers.
The book collects works of the office Gramazio & Kohler, as well as projects realised at the ETH Zurich over the last 3 years. The book can be ordered directly on the Lars Müller publishers webpage.
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