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Robotic 360° Light Painting Workshop, Department of Design, San Jose State University, California, USA, 2021
The Robotic 360° Light Painting workshop explores the potential of using a robotic arm and 360° camera to create colorful and immersive light paintings. Students had the opportunity to test various light tools with different attachments and create modifiers that influence the light stroke, therefore the image's outcome. Light strokes can range from a single point to a line to diffused light. Computational tools were provided to create light paths, experiment, and adjust the light intensity and color.

The light paintings were created in a darkened room with an Insta360 camera set to long exposure, capturing the movement of the light tool mounted on a UR5 robotic arm. The resulting paintings are recordings of the light's movement in space over time. This can be experienced in the browser or in virtual reality.

The workshop took place at the Department of Design, San Jose State University in collaboration with Prof. Virginia San Fratello and Asst. Prof. Eleanor Pries. The students were invited to develop creative ideas and concepts on the synthesis of light, time, computational design, and robotic fabrication.

Overview of 360 light images
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In collaboration with:Prof. Virginia San Fratello, Asst. Prof. Eleanor Pries (San Jose State University, California, USA)
Collaborators:Romana Rust (project lead), Michael Lyrenmann, Gonzalo Casas, Beverly Lytle
Students:Milvia Alvarado, Kayla Brittingham, Paola Castaneda, Sharleen Cruda, Amanda Cullen, Weihong Dong, Vanessa Giraldo Ruiz, Roonie Kenjo, Juan Merlin Lujan, Brenda Munoz, Jennifer Pericolosi, Nathan Shehadeh, Valerie Solarez, Jennifer Stonerock, Alyssa Tet, Giovanna Villanueva, Junming Wang, Juan Zavala-Franco.
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